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Bookings are now open for phases 3 and 4! Write or call to find out more and get special pre-launch discounts. Limited time offer. 

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Why buy an apartment in Jalangi Dham? 

Because Jalangi Dham strives to instill a principle of sustainable living, edible organic gardens, green community development, and to create awareness and improve standards of cleanliness and environmental friendliness in Sridham Mayapur.

The complex was designed in harmony with Sridham Mayapur's sweet mood, and in combination with numerous practical aspects such as the tropical climate of West Bengal.​ The buildings are named after the holy rivers - Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Sarasvati, Narmada, Sindhu, Kaveri and Jalangi.

Come, be part of this iconic spiritual and natural lifestyle. Make Jalangi Dham Your Home!

Note: Artist's impression for visualization purposes only. The actual project will be much more lush and green.

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say:

"I am one of the fortunate buyers in Jalangi Dham development. It has been a pleasure dealing with Sri Balarama prabhu and Dina Chaitanya Prabhu. They are both devotees of a high caliber and are keen to ensure that all buyers are pleased with every little detail in the apartments. Dina Chaitanya Prabhu is a gem of a builder who brings across a wealth of experience from many of his past projects which include some ISKCON temples and other buildings. I am very excited about the style of construction in this project as it is a blend of traditional and well proven building techniques using brick vaulting for the roof. I believe we need more projects like Jalangi Dham in Sridham Mayapur that is green and eco-friendly from the core. Sri Balarama Prabhu is a brilliant project manager. He is very patient and listened to all my requests for customizations. "Impossible" and "No" are words not to be found in his dictionary. His confidence, simplicity in dealings and desire to please Viashnavas is a blessing for all buyers. Thank you very much for your kind services. I look forward to further updates on the progress of construction."

Your servant,
Saccidananda Balarama Das from Melbourne, Australia

What makes us different?

Spacious and Green

  • 2,6 acres of land
  • 72% land free for beautiful landscaping/gardens, organic gardening
  • Fruit and flower trees exclusively planted in the whole project
  • Space for organic gardening
  • Building height: basement+3 (except 3 penthouses)


  • Chief engineer from Switzerland with 20+ years of construction experience in India
  • Same core construction team for the past 20 years

Safe and legal

  • Gated community with 24 hours security and CCTV camera surveillance, and a compound brick wall
  • Protected bicycle/motorcycle parking at utility floor
  • GBCom approved (as per "Respect Mayapur Building Codes" from 6th August 2014)
  • Legal ownership for everyone
  • Land had been converted from agricultural into residential, and all necessary construction permissions received
  • Transparency in dealing with customers – regular reporting and project status update
  • Personal approach. Our customers become our partners

High Quality

  • Fully brick structure (we use First Quality bricks, and West Bengal is known for having one of best clay bricks in India)
  • Expected life span - min. 350 years, as opposed to the RCC structure (120 years).
  • Plumbing is done in collaboration with a reputed German firm Rehau, which provides 50 years warranty on the pipes
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Stable, strong foundation with an equally distributed weight
  • Special waterproofing compound in each layer of bricks, including foundation (the water does not travel either up or down)
  • Special waterproofing on the exterior
  • High quality construction materials and finishing
  • On-site quality control of the materials and workmanship


  • Ground floor is well above flood level - 10 feet. Ground floor residents also have their privacy. 
  • Built-in storage space in every apartment
  • Spacious verandas (an important feature considering Mayapur's tropical climate)
  • Dedicated 11000 Volts electric line with own transformer - no low voltage or frequent power cuts
  • Reasonable monthly maintenance fees

Comfortable and Eco friendly

  • 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic organic paint from Australia with 25 years guaranteed life, both exterior and interior
  • Solar water heating to cut electricity bills
  • Facilitation for easy installation of solar energy/invertors
  • Special sewage and garbage treatment systems
  • Highest apartment ceiling in Mayapur! - 12 feet (3,7 meters)
  • Proper thermal insulation (double wall) - stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Save energy on cooling and heating. 
  • Proper acoustic insulation in between the floors
  • Drinking mineral water from every tap
  • Ayurvedic Spa and treatment center
  • 25 meters long indoor swimming pool
  • Children’s playground
  • Shuttle service to the ISKCON temple for residents

Project with a Mission

  • Part of the profits will go towards construction of the TOVP's museum and exhibitions dome, environmental education programs and systems for removal and recycling of garbage in the Dham


Location Advantages and Distances

  • Green, peaceful area with beautiful scenery and magnificent views
  • New, nicely planned out residential area coming up all around
  • Most of the neighboring plots belong to ISKCON devotees and ISKCON. 
  • Away from the visitor traffic, yet close to the temple
  • 1,7km to ISKCON temple
  • 1,1km to Bhaktivedanta Academy (Maharaja's Gurukula)  
  • 500m to Mayapur Institute for Higher Education (MIHE)
  • 200m to Jalangi, a holy, clean and gentle flowing river

Travel time to the existing ISKCON temple:

  • 5 minutes by motorcycle/car
  • 7 minutes by electric rikshaw (shuttle service available for the residents)
  • 8 minutes by bicycle

Project video:

Construction update: April 2018 - Announcing sales of Phase 3 and 4! Book soon and take advantage of pre-launch discounts!


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