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Our Mission and Vision

- To provide eco and environment-friendly living facilities, to create a happy and harmonious atmosphere where devotees can live and practice their devotional service peacefully.

- To provide high-quality apartments with many unique features, at a reasonable price, and thus promote a service attitude amongst devotees as well as other developers.

- To set a standard for proper legal paperwork related to apartment/land ownership in Sridham Mayapur.

- To create awareness and improve standards of cleanliness and environmental friendliness in Sridham Mayapur.

Become a part of Lord Nityananda's prediction

"And Lord Nityananda also says that many residential buildings will spring up in Mayapur. This we are seeing also. As soon as you come to Mayapur you can see. Hundreds of houses are coming up, and they are all devotees. Nityananda Prabhu said they will all have deities in their houses. You go to any of these houses, you will see they all have Jagannatha, Mahaprabhu, Nityananda, or Radha-Krishna. And you will always hear the kértana coming from their houses. So that is another prediction that is happening now."an excerpt from interview of Jananivasa Prabhu, Srila Prabhupada's disciple and Chief Pujari in ISKCON Mayapur

Our team

Dina Caitanya Das

Project director


Dina Caitanya das, was born in in Switzerland. Educated as an engineer, has worked in different countries around the globe, second education is as a bricklayer. Later on he established a small construction company in Switzerland, specializing in renovations of old city houses, some of them 200--400 years old. He also undertook contracts for shopping centers and other large construction projects.

1982 - first contact with ISKCON devotees and Srila Prabhupada's books.

1989 - 1994 milking cows, training and working with oxen (ploughing, collecting wood for winter), and growing vegetables at ISKCON's Roche d'or farm in the French part of Switzerland; also renovations and improvements of the farm house itself.

1994 - 1999  built the 'Vaisnava Academy' in Mayapur, several houses, and did a lot of small construction work. Dina Caitanya das built his own apartment house in Mayapur, in the style of the old city houses in Europe, all brickwork, no concrete slabs, no iron bars, everything based on arch structures, heat- and sound-insulated, electrically wired for external green energy supply like solar or wind power, ready to plug in. The building is located in Taranpur, and all the local devotees know it as the "Dina Caitanya Building".

In 1999 Dina Caitanya das took over general management and construction of an ISKCON temple in Manipur, which was being constructed under the guidance of His Holiness Srila Bhakti Swarupa Damodara Swami.

Before Dina Caitanya came, the construction was practically frozen because many of the engineers involved in the project could not come to an agreement. In order to avoid engineers quarreling between themselves, he got rid of hundreds of their plans and calculations and started the concept for finishing the building from scratch with his own engineer. They brought more than 100 Bengali workers to Manipur. Working three shifts,  they were able to finish the superstructure, plumbing and electric installations in under nine months.

Dina Caitanya das is also helping at Mayapur ISKCON's Jagannath Mandir with the construction of the Simantini Devi temple. He has also established a company and a laboratory to research GFRC (glass-fiber reinforced concrete) and its use in the TOVP and other construction projects.

Dina Caitanya das was the first foreign builder in Mayapur, and together with his team of workers has successfully completed many projects in India over the years.

Besides his technical life he was always interested in organic gardening, alternative medicines, energy saving and green energy. For three years he was serving as pujari of Advaita Acarya (Panca-tattva temple), and a department head of the "Clean and Green" department of ISKCON Mayapur.


Sri Balarama Das

Project manager


Sri Balarama das was born in Moscow in 1982. Parents - Amrita Das and Kausalya dd, sister - Subhadra Mayi dd. He studied at the Moscow Bhaktivedanta Gurukula, then at the age of 11 went to India along with Gopal Krishna Maharaja, where he lived for almost 20 years. He studied for one year at Chandigarh gurukula  (Punjab), and then for 4 years in Vrindavan Gurukula. At the age of 14 he received his first initiation from Gopal Krishna Goswami, at 17 he recieved the second initiation.  At the age of 16 he successfully completed a half-year  Bhakti sastri course  in Vrindavan.

After graduating from Vrindavan gurukula,  he traveled around the world for 5 years along with his spiritual master Gopal Krishna Goswami as his personal secretary. During this time he helped many devotees in India to solve all kinds of difficult situations with visas, working with embassies, local authorities and lawyers.

At  the age of 21 he got married after getting blessings from his Guru Mahraja. His wife is Balarama Priya Rani d.d. from France. For the next 6 years he mainly engaged in business. At 27, at the request of Gopal Krishna Maharaja he went to Mayapur to take  the Bhaktivaibhava course . Having spent a few months in the wonderful company of Mayapur devotees, he decided to stay there.

Over the next 5 years he  performed various types of service in Mayapur, mainly in the role of a manager. He was a member of the Mayapur Community Sevaks  (MCS,, helped to optimize and re-organize  the work of the office, gave consultation to the devotees on the visa-related issues, helped grhasthas resolve family conflicts, etc. 

He was the manager of the Mayapur Community Hall, where he was responsible for organizing cultural programs, during this time there were 78 cultural programs held there for the Mayapur community. 

Founded and for 2 years was the the department head  of ISKCON's "Sri Mayapur Quality Assurance Services" (, assistsing other departments, shops, restaurants and kitchens, etc. to maintain and continually improve the quality of visitor services, the quality of prasadam, visual standards, etc. on the basis of quality management systems (ISO). Was also a member of the Mayapur City Council, and a member of the Mayapur Festival Committee.

Created the concept and ran a popular shop of "fast prasadam" - "Gauranga Corn-R Shop", and an Internet cafe for 4 years as a service for the MCS (Mayapur Community Sevaks) in Mayapur.

From 2011 till 2014 he worked as International sales and  purchasing manager for Russia's 2nd largest polyurethane plant. Frequently traveled for negotiations to various countries around the world.

In 2013 he had a daugher Sri Madhavi, who was born in Sridham Mayapur.