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"I am one of the fortunate buyers in Jalangi Dham development. It has been a pleasure dealing with Sri Balarama prabhu and Dina Chaitanya Prabhu. They are both devotees of a high calibre and are keen to ensure that all buyers are pleased with every little detail in the apartments. Dina Chaitanya Prabhu is a gem of a builder who brings across a wealth of experience from many of his past projects which include some ISKCON temples and other buildings. I am very excited about the style of construction in this project as it is a blend of traditional and well proven building techniques using brick vaulting for the roof. I believe we need more projects like Jalangi Dham in Sridham Mayapur that is green and eco-friendly from the core. Sri Balarama Prabhu is a brilliant project manager. He is very patient and listened to all my requests for customizations. "Impossible" and "No" are words not to be found in his dictionary. His confidence, simplicity in dealings and desire to please Viashnavas is a blessing for all buyers. Thank you very much for your kind services. I look forward to further updates on the progress of construction."

Your servant,
Saccidananda Balarama Das from Melbourne, Australia
"I feel very fortunate to have come across the Jalangi Dham devotee residence project and more it develops more I feel Krishna has been very merciful upon me.
I, along with my friend who is also part of this project made extensive inquiries and did thorough research and analysis of this project and with every step our faith into this project grew more and more. 
Very importantly, from day one I found very genuine people in Sri Balaram Prabhu and Dina Caitanya Prabhu, who were not only very honest and transparent in their dealings but also highly accommodative in my requests and suggestions. They have certainly gone beyond my expectations and are now friends and mentors for life.
This project is very unique and responsible in nature and has kept in mind our delicate environment and once completed devotees can focus on their sadhana and service rather than worry about daily maintenance issues. 
Looking forward to be part of the Jalangi Dham and Mayapur Dham community."
Tribhanga Shyam Das - Melbourne, Australia
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